The little Indian that could.

The Beginning, middle and...

It all started when I was abandoned by some young irresponsible Indian couple in Minnesota. I was left in a basket floating down the Mississippi river to fend for myself at the ripe old age of two months. A glorious miracle happened when a single mother of one happened down the banks of the Mississippi to wash some clothes. She spotted the small wicker basket and hauled it in to find the amazing spectacle that was... me. Her name... Susan Freeman

Luckily for me Susan was a great leader and savior to many. She raised me and my sister all on her own with the strength and grit of Samson on his best day. She struggled through the years to raise two wonderful kids but realized she was left with two rebellious shits. Long story short the kids overcame their rebellious little shit phase and the sister went on to mother a son from a short-lived marriage at a young age, but to rebound and marry a pretty cool dude, be an awesome mother, and live a really good life. Little miracle Aaron went on to piss off a lot of Minneapolis cops and then transition into one of, if not the most "gorgeous" bodyguards to the celebs the world has EVER seen.. Look for yourself (I have proof), and now is an awesome photographer and writer in the city of dreams and dorks... Oh and Susan, she bought a horse named "Remy" and rides him often, reflecting on the beauty that is her two kids she raised and molded to become the wonders that they are today.  

I love you mom, thank you for saving me.  

The End  


My Passion... 

I have always been a visual person and loved films, photography and art. Growing up in Minneapolis was a great place to foster such a love, but doing it around "the guys" didn't always allow me to feel totally comfortable exploring it at that time. It wasn't until moving to Los Angeles (2001) that I really began exploring more of the visual medium. Even still I wasn't confident enough to fully commit to it and with the success of my close protection career it took me further away from it. A couple of years ago with a lot of traveling and work completed, I decided I needed to focus on me and being happy and I what I really love... Taking pictures of people and capturing a moment, mood, feeling or just the beauty of it. I grew up in the age of film and film processing, now getting back into this world I find myself with a whole new craft to explore and learn... Digital photography and Photoshop. These are awesome tools which further expands the creativity of the photographer/digital artist. Even still with these amazing tools, I will always be driven to keep the focus on the subject and feeling of the image, as opposed to wowing you with crazy PS tricks (That's not true, if I can learn it I'll do it. If I can give you wings and make you a Pterodactyl.. I will). Whether it's in a studio, outside on the streets or on the set, capturing a moment in someone is truly what I love and soon will capture that on the small screen (or big) for all to see.    

-- ApF

The savior... Susan Russell Freeman

My proof I told you about earlier... HA! 

Someone thought what I did was cool, so they wrote an article about in a magazine that no one reads.  

I worked for Donatella Versace, best client I EVER had. They treated me like family. I'm forever grateful to them, to her. 

There's a funny story behind this whole picture with Liz Hurley (Hugh Grant is hidden behind). I'll tell ya later. 

This photo was taken weeks after Gianni had been murdered. It was one of her first public outings since. It was a tough day.

A truly beautiful and REAL woman. Love her!

I kinda miss Nashville, and the kid. This wasn't a good time for  us.   :/ 

Stay the F#$K back!  

The kid just won another big award. Time to go. Johnny Flan watch'n our "6".  

Blessed to have met him... A really sweet man. This was inside Gianni's townhouse in Manhattan.  1996